10 Steps to Building a Kick-Ass House

December 29, 2016 / By

We’re staunch believers in the art of never following the rules. In fact, as designers, creatives, and developers, we tend to make our own up as we go. With 2017 just around the corner, we’re taking a peek back at some of our quirkiest rehabs, remodels, and why-the-hell-not? projects — because they’ve taught us a thing or two about real estate. These “steps” to building your dream house? They’re only suggestions. Be inspired, take notes, get weird. Because here’s the thing about home design rules: There aren’t any.

Photographs by Tara Bennett

1. Can’t decide on a paint color? Go with an entire wall of reclaimed barn wood instead.

unique home features, wall of reclaimed barn wood, pittsburgh

2. For hiding your extra kitchen gear (or your deepest secrets, whatever), install a glass photo frame that swings open on hinge, offering full access to a wall cubby.

1007 allegheny avenue, manchester, pittsburgh, pa

3. Consider two dishwashers in your kitchen. Because priorities.

unique home features, two dishwashers, kitchen, pittsburgh

4. Treat your master bedroom to a glass garage door (and a swanky outdoor deck).

5513 Margaretta Street, East Liberty

5. Build a ladder into your bedroom wall. How else are you supposed to access that adorable storage loft?

poe way, modern homes in lawrenceville pittsburgh

6. Regarding entryways: Vault that shit.

unique home features, vaulted entryway, pittsburgh

7. Ditch your old headboard, and treat yourself to something a little more…permanent.

1007 allegheny avenue, manchester, pittsburgh, pa

8. Carve a square out of wood, suspend it by chains from your kitchen ceiling, and back-light it. Casual.

1005 Allegheny Avenue, Manchester, Pittsburgh, PA

9. Upgrade that master bedroom fireplace with a flat screen.

1913 termon avenue, brighton heights, pittsburgh

10. Seriously luck out, and uncover potentially the most incredible — original — tile you’ll ever find underneath layers and layers of old flooring.