113 S Evaline Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

10 unconventional ways to spruce up your space

As real estate developers on the pulse of a rapidly expanding market, our practices and products are constantly evolving. Change is positive, of course, and we’re proud to design homes as far away from the box as we can. But for the sake of consistency, we do apply one standard practice to everything we build. It’s more of an art form, actually — and one that we’ve perfected over the years. It’s also really, really simple: We just make up our own rules. And you should do the same. Here’s why.

While compiling this list of our quirkiest rehabs, remodels, and why not? projects, we were reminded of how subjective home design is. Trends, colors of the year, do’s and don’ts…none of these are rules. Avoiding dark paint in small rooms? 100% not a rule. The following design elements? Seriously, people, we make some of this stuff up as we go. The truth is, if you’re looking for hard-and-fast home design rules, stop. They don’t exist. Even if they did, they’d pale in comparison to your own creativity — and we mean that.

Now, we’ll leave you here with these ultralight suggestions re: methods you could but probably won’t ever implement in your home. (At least without the help of a professional.) Maybe you’ll be inspired, or maybe not. Whatever. Just do your thing, folks. Life’s more fun that way.

Important reminder: Rules and laws are not the same. Disregarding rules for the purpose of aesthetics = good. Disregarding laws ever = bad. Please make good choices.

1 / Can’t decide on a paint color? Go with an entire wall of reclaimed barn wood instead.

113 S Evaline Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

2 / For hiding your extra kitchen gear (or your deepest secrets, whatever), install a glass photo frame that swings open on a hinge, creating a wall cubby.

1007 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15233

3 / Consider two dishwashers. Because priorities. And Saturdays.

957 connor road

4 / Treat your master bedroom to a glass garage door (and swanky balcony, while you’re at it).

5513 Margaretta St, Pittsburgh PA 15206

5 / Build a ladder into your bedroom wall. How else are you supposed to access your adorable and totally hypothetical storage loft?

5208 Poe Way, Pittsburgh PA 15201

6 / Regarding entryways: Vault that shit.

957 Connor Road, Pittsburgh PA 15234

7 / Ditch your old headboard and treat yourself to something a little more…permanent.

1007 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15233

8 / Carve a square out of wood, suspend it by chains from your kitchen ceiling, and backlight it. Casual.

1005 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15233

9 / Upgrade that master bedroom fireplace with a flat screen.

1913 Termon Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15212

10 / Dig deep. Into old tile, that is. We removed what felt like 700 layers of pre-existing flooring before we found this one. Definitely a best-case scenario — but it never hurts to try.

1912 termon avenue, pittsburgh pa 15212