the cargo lofts - lawrenceville container homes

The Cargo Lofts

ADDRESS: 5229 Duncan Street
NEIGHBORHOOD: Lawrenceville
Unit details:
A — 2 beds / 2.5 baths / 1-car garage
B — 3 beds / 3.5 baths / 1-car garage


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the cargo lofts - lawrenceville container homesOur approach to the renovation process has always been straightforward: A home shouldn’t just accommodate your lifestyle — it should elevate it. Allow us to translate. You deserve to live like a f***ing boss. And to achieve that goal, sometimes there’s nowhere to build but up.

Now, to be clear, the preceding paragraph’s obvious hyperbole should be taken lightly. Or with a laugh. We’re not huge advocates of bass-dropping, Solo-cup-slinging bangers in a cordial community setting…or at all. But we digress. Something that can be taken seriously here? Our upcoming warehouse conversion in Upper Lawrenceville.

Alongside local architect Peter Margittai, we’re dividing a Duncan Street warehouse into two townhomes, each with its own rooftop-level entertainment space. Simple, right? Probably, if we weren’t building those rooftop additions with industrial-grade shipping containers. Popular for their architectural sustainability, container homes are slowly making their way to the East Coast, and we’re hopping on board. (Truly sorry about the ship puns.)

Fortunately, the bones of this early-1900s warehouse are packed with resilience and potential. As we transition the building into separate living quarters, we’ll pay homage to its industrial roots by preserving the original ceilings and brickwork. Complementary design elements — black staircases, raw metal railings, stainless aluminum doors, etc. — will also be incorporated. And there you have it: Boss status achieved.

Both townhomes are currently available.


Original features to be preserved: