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Progress report: Lawrenceville container lofts

You’ve followed their journey on Instagram, skimmed the press for details, strolled past them on the street. You’ve inquired, complained, and complimented. By now, you’re probably (justifiably) tired of hearing us talk about the Cargo Lofts, which have technically been in the works since 2015. Turns out it’s fairly difficult to locally secure four industrial shipping containers, see them through engineering and fabrication, and convince Pittsburgh to let you drop them on top of an early-1900s warehouse via crane.

Needless to say, we’ll take our small victories as they come. This project is still a few months out from completion, but we couldn’t resist sharing its latest update. Which is, basically, that it’s finally starting to look livable. Reminder: Our end game includes two townhomes in one building. We halved the aforementioned two-story warehouse vertically, then worked on converting both units into modern-industrial lofts. The containers — two per townhome — are the last major additions. Ultimately, they’ll create rooftop-level entertainment spaces (half indoor, half outdoor) with serious views.

Now for that update.

The Cargo Lofts have been through quite the journey:

…and while it isn’t over just yet, they’ve really shaped up in recent months.

See what we mean? Also, these rooftop decks will change your life. Make a move on them while you can. Both units are currently available for purchase, and construction is scheduled to wrap this summer.


lawrenceville warehouse conversionHUGE THANKS TO:

(This shit takes an army, y’all)

Peter Margittai (architecture)
Nadine Corp. (fabrication)
PM Contracting + Tony Tomasic
Allegheny Crane Rental