422 n st clair street, east liberty, pa

Virtual tour: 422 N Saint Clair

We’ll never sway from our conviction that you can’t truly appreciate a home unless you’ve seen it in person. The same goes for any work of art, right? Still, here we are in the 21st century, where things like the internet are consistently proving their worth. Today, we’re all jazzed up about this virtual home tour of 422 N St Clair Street — a property we just finished restoring in East Liberty.

A virtual tour, for those wondering, is exactly what it sounds like. Take a stroll through a home in its entirety, without ever leaving your couch. Or the grocery store. Or wherever it is that you typically browse the web.

The tour was commissioned by our sister company, Lifespace — aka the brokerage that lists and sells all of our homes. If you’ve been anxious to see the place but haven’t had a chance to schedule a real-life walk-through, this is a solid workaround.

Take a look, email us with questions, or get in touch with Lifespace directly for a non-virtual tour. You won’t regret it.



422 n st clair street, east liberty, pa
Photos: Tara Bennett